Mgr. Kateřina Eliášová, PhD.

+420 225 106 409, +420 225 106 422


Head of the lab

  • morphology, anatomy and cytology
  • histochemical detection of phenolic and storage compounds
  • study of cytoskeleton
  • somatic embryogenesis of conifers, autophagy
  • cryopreservation
  • light transmission, fluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • image analysis


RNDr. Lucie Fischerová, PhD.

+420 225 106 414, fischerova, fischerova


  • anatomy of plant tissue cultures, histochemical detection of different substances
  • analysis of nonstructural saccharides
  • methods of molecular biology (nucleic acid isolations, Nothern blott, PCR, qPCR)
  • genetic stability of plants and tissue cultures (ISSR method)
  • transformation of plant tissue cultures
  • autophagy in plant development and in plants under stress
  • somatic embryogenesis of conifers


RNDr. Zuzana Vondráková, CSc.

+420 225 106 422, +420 225 106 467


  • tissue culture techniques in plant propagation and breeding, organogenesis
  • somatic embryogenesis in conifers, hormonal regulation, morphology and anatomy of embryogenic cultures
  • cryopreservation
  • phytohormonal regulation of plant dormancy
  • carotenoids and phenolic compounds
  • physiology of flowering


Ing. Jana Pavlíčková

+420 225 106 405


  • tissue cultures, plant propagation
  • methods of molecular biology – isolation of nucleic acids, electrophoresis of nucleic acids, PCR
  • autophagy in plant development and in plant response to stress


MSc. Anastasiia Revutska

+420 225 106 414


Nastia is about to defend her PhD in Kyiv (topic Xanthones and flavonoids in plants); she is employed by us as a graduated technical assistant for the time being. We would like her to become our expert on:

  • phenolic substances - sample preparation and determination
  • phytohormones - sample preparation
  • plant redox systems - sample preparation, determination of antioxidant enzyme activities, antioxidant content...


Former Staff

RNDr. Milena Cvikrová

Mgr. Lenka Gemperlová PhD.

Mgr. Jan Kolář Ph.D.

RNDr. Jana Opatrná CSc.

Ing. Kateřina Raková

RNDr. Martin Vágner CSc.